Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hello there,
Today I decided to embrace the bit if nerd inside me ( about 95%) and dress up in one of my dad's jumpers without home knowing. Sure my outfit is not that exciting as some you may see, but I feel weird doing my nerdy activities in a fantastic outfit. It's true, today I did absolutely nothing. I watched two completely terrible, but at the sane time awesome girly, bad acting movies and then spent the rest of the night searching for the tv remote, knitting ( for save the children if course) and watching old episodes of futurerama with my brother.

Also because I don't have any nerd glasses ( yet) I improvised with these ( no longer) 3D glasses. But since my brother was determined only to take one photo of me I couldn't do a lot
of photos.

Also I have done exciting news: I have my first follower YAY!!!! Please look up RANDO, the blog of my one and only follower, as it is way better than mine.

Here are some words I created to Do with nerds:
Nerdage, nerdify, nerdlings, nerdettes, nerdsome, nerdly.
Sincerely, your fellow nerd C.A.R.L.A ( Computer Associated and Really Likes Articulation) articulation Is an extremely addictive game, for those unfortuantes who have not yet experienced the pure awesomness of Articulate.


  1. I've never played Articulate. What website is it on? I like your glasses! I'm probably going to get glasses in a few years. (Both of my parents wear them, as do many of my relatives.) I think glasses are cool!

  2. hey a link that shoes photos totally counts, as what i meant. you look adorable.