Monday, 20 June 2011

Moose Heads and Puff Sleeves

One of the compulsory requirements at my school is doing drama for one semester. Today was our last class and we had to perform our melodrama performance. Of course a melodrama performance needs melodramatic costumes, so........

The top one is what I wore (and it's real vintage, gasp) And the other one was what "Romeo"
wore. (But these pants are mine. Yes, another dance costume.) Our play was called
Romeo and Juliet Remix. I was Juliet's little sister. But i only had two lines because our group accidentally skipped three scenes. Three scenes that i was in. (hmmmm, could they just have skipped them because of my um, acting skills.)

Even the guy who played the horse had more lines than me. Yes, you read correctly, a horse. it would be depressing to play a horse wouldn't it? At least it was a talking horse. Anyway he was wearing this fantastic moose head. I wonder if he just had that lying around?

OMG TTFN BFFLS LOL ROFLCOPTER AWKS SOZ (don't worry I don't talk like this in real life, well only after a liter of red cordial and some sour worms)

Auf wiederchen C.A.R.L.A ( Can't Always Reinvent Lovely Acronyms)

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  1. I LOVE acting! It's so much fun! I've only been in two home school plays (YES I'M ACTUALLY HOME SCHOOLED!!! :D My mom runs a home school group, and a LOT of people are in it). One of them was Charlotte's web (I was six or seven. I was Gussy the goose. I was reading the book at the time and I was so sad when Charlotte died. :( ) And the other was a play called Holka Polka. My mom directed it for a while and then a friend of ours took over. I was one of the secondary characters named Cindy. A princess who almost takes out her friend with her Karate skills. :) (I take Tae Kwon Do in real life. That's right. Don't mess with me.)