Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The magic dressup bag

Today I went through our old dress up bag. I felt like Aladdin walking into that cave if treasure. Wow! I found stuff that still fits me and cleated out just about a quarter of the stuff.

Some of the funniest costumes are my old dance ones.

Yes I do still fit into this( without doing up the zip that is.)it was my year one jazz routine "cats."

Yep you guessed it, pink panther. Unfortunately this doesn't fit me anymore, it hardley fit me back then. It was the most uncomfortable costume ever. I wonder if I could sell it? Nah, probably illegal to wear shorts that tight.

I can't imagine anyone ever fitting into these. Maybe I can. Make it into a leg earners. I think my brother loved these more than me. He loved being a pixie, there is a matching hat. I think he secretly still dreams of being a pixie because he has some bright green trackies that he wears quite a lot....
Thank god some stuff still fits me. I would seriously wear someof these. (maybe not in public, i'm not that fearless when it comes to fashion, yet.)

Aurevior C.A.R.L.A ( Colourful As Red Liquorice All-sorts)

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