Tuesday, 14 June 2011

kids night in


I'll start with me, my brother and my cousins big night in. My cousin Liv came over. Everything was perfect ,we had pizza, nerf guns, cheap kiddie make up, a bag full of costumes and massive amounts of creative flavoured icecream.

My brother is very easy to manipulate and me and Liv begged hime to let us do a makeover on him.He agreed on one condition. But unfortuantely my brother's one condition was that we could take no photos of him. He has had a bad experience with me shouting things like "now put your leg in the air, and give me a pouty look" while he was wearing outfits made of things around our house, and someone accidentally saw the pictures of our little photo shoot. So you will never get to see our glorious frankstein creation.

My cute little outfit is another find in the dress up bag.
You will however get to see my cousin's fantastic makeup skills on me:

This is the aftershock of multitudes of Cold Rock Ice-cream

Auf Wiederchen C.A.R.L.A ( Cool And  Really Loving Aswell)

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  1. That would've been funny if your brother let you take a picture of him! :D