Saturday, 14 May 2011


Welcome to my blog. Warning: I'm notthat good at blogging, but please comment anyway or keep on reading cause I'm sure to get better.

I read some heart breaking information on the internet saying therearee not many good blogs out there. This is a bit depressing, but I like blogging. It's fun and I want to put my thoughts and opinions out there. I haven't told anyone about this because they will all see me for what I really am: a's true, I know that may be hard to believe.

I want my blog to influence people. To be a bit different. A blog that you either love and read everyday. or hate and make gate collages about them ( this is what I do) But not in the middle.

If clothes were hotdogs i'd be one fat girl right now. I love noticing what everyone's wearing. But unfortunately I don't live in a fashion "capital" so you won't be hearing about that dress that Anna wintour was wearing at the Chanel fashion show.

Sorry, I'm blabbing on and on. One of my worse traits. My brother says my voice is annoying,
but you can hear what I have to say without hearing my annoying voice.

From Carla , nah that's not that influential enough.

What about.... Ciao C.A.R.L.A ( Cool As Red Lacey Anklesocks )