Saturday, 31 December 2011

you can grow flowers from where dirt used to be


I never really get that excited about new years eve and all that, but when your uncle and family come over for a monopoly tournament (simpsons monopoly to be precise), how can you not love it? and although I kind of retired half way through it was still fun! Especially since there was brownies and peanuts included (not together of course. actually that would be an interesting experiment.....)

Today I am showing you some pictures from a couple of weeks ago. And I am aiming not to talk much.

yeah good luck with that.

This is the yellow jumper I bought from salvos for $5! Much to my mums disgust. It looks very synthetic apparently. And it had shoulder pads that I cut out. for some reason the more yellow the more I love it:)

 These are the shorts my auntie bought me when we went shopping in Fitzroy last week. I love them very much.  I felt like I needed a hunting rifle or something (not that I would kill any rabbits), I felt so old fashioned englishish and attempted to talk in an English accent all day (which of course failed miserably after about an hour.)

Anyway I would just like to say that Melbournes fireworks are way better than Sydneys. no matter how much classical music they play and how many amazing bridges they have. ( sorry if you're from sydney, i have a kind of rivalry with you city.)

Also if any of you live in new york, please tell me about the ball dropping.


ps:if anyone knows any cool fairy songs/chants tell me. I am writing a story

pss: i will do a christmas present post soon

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

I'll make you a star in my universe.

Sorry but the holidays have been extremely busy for me.

or I could say somehing that is actualy true.

Carla is pretty lazy.

I have accomplished a few things though, emphasis on the few part. Out of the 101 things to do list I have made, I have done a grand total of 12 of them. I have been having a lot of fun, but you can only tick the watching Friends box on my list so many times. Here is my amazing list, please note there is another half page on the back.

please notice the harry potter box set in the background, number seven part 1 and 2 has recently been added thanks to christmas:)

I also decorated my typewriter case. Which was extremely good fun. It involved writing a page of words, usually song lyrics or friends episodes, and then ripping it all up and sticking it down. There was some difficulties with the CARLA bit, but it was fine.

Look at my brothers graceful hand. I have always been envious of how girly his hands look.
and here is a song that is really addictive to listen to. And angus and julia stone are aussie, which owns like macaroni and cheese.
(sorry if that was confusing. translation: this is a good song)
YAY! let me know if you like it:) if you don"t, please don't tell me.

expect some outfit posts and my awesome christmas presents.

LOVE CARLA, future typewriter case designer and lazyologist.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Big FAT (not correctly smelling) Christmas

Sup bros!

While doing awesome holiday stuff like decorating for Christmas ,making peanut butter smoothies and wondering why I thought a peanut butter smoothie would be appetizing, I still feel the need to send all my fellow bloggers a message that the aliens haven't had any more problems and that I have had a rather enjoyable first week of holidays. Wow that was a long sentence, if you were reading this out loud you'd be on the floor gasping for air right now. And that's why this post will never be published as a children's book, story-time wouldn't be so fun any more.  At this present moment I am sitting in the Christmas room and wondering why out Christmas tree doesn't smell like one. It's real and everything, and quite well shaped may I add, but this high quality tree of ours hasn't got the smelling christmassy part mastered yet.

That or we don't water it enough.

And to make these very stressful matters worse, my cheap advent calendar chocolate doesn't have the right advent calendar chocolate taste. My wise brother, a master of chocolate, confidently assures me it tastes just right. "it tastes like cheap crappy chocolate"  he says knowingly. But I believe, and I have been around longer than him therefore having experienced more christmasses, that the taste is all wrong. And I really hope that the cheesy Christmas movies my mum is out getting will making me all excited and you know, singing Christmas carols in the shower or something. But just to be safe, because the tree and calendar are letting me down, if anyone knows of any Christmas magic spells or Christmas tree scented deodorant please tell me.

The future of Christmas depends on it.

Anyway. to show you what I've done so far these holidays I will perform a song to you followed by a quick mime and ending with an interpretive dance routine. Or since I don't really want to embarass myself show off my talent too much on the internet, I'll do a list instead. Complete with pictures might I add.

  • Created a homemade improvisation of a nativity scene, since we don't have any of those professional, you know matchng figurines.

    Please notice the height difference between the sheep and the shepard. I have decided the shepard specialises in breeding giant animals.
    Don't the three kings look wise and stylish with their robes.
    Don't ask me why I have a baby figurine lying around
  • Went on a decorating frenzy that generally happens every year near christmas, felt the need to decorate everything.
  • Didn't decorate everything everything, but did manage to dump the christmas spirit on some house hold objects.

  • Went to the beach and ordered 14 potato cakes.
  • Don't worry there were 8 of us.
  • Had an intense beach volleyball game, girls vs boys, with our family friends kids.
  • Actually it wasn't intense at all, the (soccer) ball hardly went in the court, but we did enjoy revving eachother up by acting like yo dude gorillas
  • Swam, even though the water had bacteria in it that can give you gastro.
  • Dug a massive massive hole, well my brother did, it was so big my dad had to come and warn us about the dangers of sand.
  • Lets just say I am now scared to dig a big hole again.
  • My mum let me buy Frankie because I am trying to find a good magazine to subscribe to since progessing from the joys of total girl 
  • It's really good, but me and mum are open to suggestions
  • Defaced Justin Bieber and Jack Vidgen (australia's got talent winner) with an excellent program on the computer.

    sorry insane fans.
  • One day I intelligently decided to make a peanut butter and jam smoothie. I didn't make up the recipie I actually have a cook book awesome enough to include a smoothie such as this.

Yes, if anyone is wondering in disgust, that is a blob of peanut butter to decorate.

  • I  had about 5 mouthfulls, and then questioned by sanity and extreme love of peanut butter.
  • My cunning father suggested that I freeze it into peanut butter cubes that are still waiting to be eaten.
Now, to the untrained (probably adult) eye, it looks like my first week has been unproductive, but I believe that that assumption is not correct. (That sounded so professional!!) Look at all the valueable lessons I have learnt, I will now never ever make a peanut butter smoothie again. But by far the most productive thing I have done is develope my..........JAZZ STANCE!

What is a jazz stance? you ask desperately.
Well, whenever you hear jazz music, like I did last night (a live jazz version of santa claus is coming) you get into this jazzy pose. I would describe mine as smelling a fart and enjoying it while nodding your head and clicking your fingers and looking really sleepy.
Did you just make this concept up carla? You ask slightly unimpressed.
Yes, yes I did. I reply demonstarting my jazz stance.

Well, this has been very fun to write, but as you know I am a very jazz stancey and busy person. So I'll leave you with some questions:

Are you daring enough to brave the peanut butter and jam smoothie? (it's actually not that gross,. just extremely sickening)

For those who don't celebrate christmas. Do you wish you did? Do you hate it when people like me go on about it?

Can anyone recommend any good Carlaish magazines that you can buy in Australia? they can't be too adulty or expensive.

Favourite Christmas memory?

FROM CARLA, extremely jazzy person and advent calender connoisseur.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

C-O-L-A cola.

Unfortunately I was abducted by aliens. They took me to their planet and I helped them save it from destruction, I was actually gone 22,000 years, but it was only a week in earth time. So, you can see how I was quite productively occupied saving an alien race.

After school I sat on the grass in my overalls and typed another bit of a story I am writing on my typewriter. It's about an 103 year old man, called Bombardis Finch who will go on an adventure. (Honestly I don't know what adventure, I'm kind of making it up as I go along.)

Today's discovery was an excellent one in my opinion, running 800m with most of year 7 watching you is a rather unpleasant experience. But all you wise beings may already know that, and some extremely crazy people may truly enjoy the 800m.(Internet look of disgust.)

As I feel my blog quality is diminishing rapidly and may one day transform into a massive pile of mushed banana floating in the internet pointlessly, I am just going to post about whatever totally random dude stuff (clearly my favourite subject) and not worry about comments and followers and all that.

I am going to have a shot at the inspiration thing. Don't worry your's will all be better than mine, and I won't suddenly be crowned the inspiration master.

Hope you enjoyed this hippie fest. Did you pick me out of the other hippie model girls?

Ideas for me to write about?????????? Greatly appreciated and you will be worshipped.

Do you want me to post my story on here???

If you had to live in anything besides a house, where would you live? tree, kombi, mushroom?

Please, please comment.
ps; the title is from the song Lola by the Kinks:)

Monday, 28 November 2011

star dust to remember you by

Does anyone ever wish they could just morph into their past selves?
no? okay, I'll be quiet now.

But just saying I always think that my old posts are better than the ones these days. Sad face :( (just in case you are oblivious and uneducated in the laws of Carla, this is the part where you start feeling sorry for me and write really sweet comments praising my blogging abilities.)
you could just get creeped out and peeved by my pathetic sadness and leave my blog never to return again. And then dramatic music will play and the audience will gasp. wait, what audience?!

also sorry for the title. Title names escape me sometimes, so today I tried to be all cool and write something from a song. (This ones from Boats and Birds by gregory and the hawk)
anyways. Here is a list of stuff.

  • Today in soccer we had a water fight and splashed water on our coach
  • We had a concert for elderly people,
  • I spent most of the time eyeing their slice and sugar free soft drink enviously
  • We only have 8 more days of school left
  • I am doing an internal happy dance
  • we are doing a play in english from the graphic novel of "THE HOBBIT"
  • I am
  • wait for it......
  • YAY! It is the perfect part for me, you can just stand there looking professional in your cape.
  • I am making a list of things to do on the holidays so I will never be stuck on what to do.
  • Any suggestions?
  • preferably things that don't require, you know going out of the house.
Now for some photos:

Yeah, this is what I wore after school.


Chilling in my overalls, making you intimidated

Yippity doo dah for my dad's awesome scarf.
From Italia, might I add.
A very cool photo. With a random ukulele.
And here are some more:
Photo opportunity.

My homemade rock pet.
Harry potter:)
Also. before I go. I just want you all to know that you are all awesome and that I want crochet bathers for Christmas. Just telling you:)I quite enjoy being random.


What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

Favourite song?

Suggestions for fun, carlaish activities for me to do in the holidays?

Love Carla, overall wearer and wannabe morpher.
(yet again, probably not a real word. perhaps I should make a Carla dictionary.)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

so totally embarrassing, man


I have officially crowned the last post as the worst post ever. it is very honoured to be chosen for this award and is currently working on it's acceptance speech.

Today I am showing you some photos of an outfit I was pretty proud of. But as you will see that was not the mutual feeling in my household. Today I am also trying not to talk as much as I normally, because I think I talk too much about useless things.


I am wearing:
jeans-Jay jays
T-shirt-ANCIENT hand me down Tweety bird top, that my mum absolutely hates.
Badge-Vintage market
Collar-made by myself. too big and the pattern isn't that great. But I do have my eye on a particularly spiffy shirt of my dads.
Hat-my aunties old school hat. despised by my brother.

You are all probably wondering why this mysterious purple ball keeps reappearing in my photos.

It is an exercise ball. Which in my house = chair.

never fear, I didn't actually wear the collar in public.

Me being all posh and sepia. This is a must when wearing a school hat such as this.

I personally thought this was a pretty goodish outfit. especially since i have been feeling lately like all my outfits were getting to be the same and that my creative juice stuff wasn't flowing.

  • You look like your from 60 years ago
  • Take that hat off (repeatedly)
  • I'm going to walk 5 metres away from you. people are going to laugh and stare, you knwo that don't you?
My mum's only guidelines were "Carla, wear jeans (this was followed by "Jeans!?" said by me.) "Wear something normal."


Do I blabber on too much?

Do you like vintage or new?

Would you be embarrassed walking next to me?

What is your professional advice for people who are experiencing fashion block?

Are you glad I have not mention llamas once in this post? (YES! they scream)
From CARLA, professional embarrasser and blabbing addict.

Friday, 18 November 2011


HI. So the city excursion was suprisingly civilised. I mean as civilised as a year 7 class can be. This guy wore a skirt and people were amusing themselves by spitting off the 88th floor of the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. And the best part was that the booklet work was kept to a minimum and no one suddenly got lost in the streets, leaving everyone searching and fun deprived.

A list for thee:
  • I listened to predictions of the falling of our extremely speedy elevator, going up 88 storeys in 38 seconds.
  • I am terrified of elevators.
  • Boys don't seem to apreciate this
  • Got 99 Luftballoons stuck in my head because of a friend who needs to control her I pod singing
  • Saw the most prettiest bank
  • Watched my teacher eyeing off some shoes instead of listening to the extremely interesting, informative talk we were meant to be listening to
  • Went to chinatown
  • Saw a big astro boy figurine
  • Bought loads of food
  • Paid way too much for icecream
  • it was yum anyway
  • Us, the uncultured private school kids we are, bought slurpies from 7/11 in Chinatown, instead of the multiitudes of chineese cuisine avaliable in you know, CHINATOWN.
So, this is going to be an average post, probably equivalent to maybe, lets say a bassoon solo, instead of an amazing post, equivalent to an electric gutair solo. (sorry, I'm running out of sandwiches.)


This is a drawing I did for my picture story book at school. It's about a hippie llama called Harold who gets lost in the city.

Also, me, my dad and my brother drew a labryinth in chalk on our deck. Here it is, including my brother's stylish socks:

It is supposed to bring you closer to God, and you can hardly fit your feet in, and also it'll be washed off tommorrow.
Don't really knwo what to write. Here is a photo to make you smile:


Sorry if this has been a horrid post! (horrid, I sound so English.) Sorry, I'm so daft, for not bringing a electric gutair solo post to you. (Daft!!!)

Please comment, even if it is only to say.
"Carla, your llama obsession has to stop. It is scaring all of us."
and then leave a physciatrist's number.


Love CARLA, llama enthusiast and maze lover.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

yellow suits and negotiating


Never before have I been so inspired by an 80 year old man. On sunday me and mum saw Bill Cunningham New York, which was the second movie we've been to where it's basically just us and the elderly. I don't know if it's already been out for ages in your country, but go see it. It'll inspire you to purchase a blue raincoat, some filing cabinets and a yellow suit.

Today I am just showing some photos my brother took last weekend. Let me tell you persuading my brother to take photos is EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL! But after a begging session, a kidnapping and a very politician like 20 minute argument discussion (which involved things like, "Carla if you talk again the deal is off etc) we had come to an agreement. I reckon I am a pretty good negotiator, maybe I should become prime minister. in fact we took double the time "discussing" than it would've taken if he'd taken the stupid photos!!

anyway here they are. I'm sorry if they are weird. i just had random ideas, and you know what a disaster that could be.

Wearing: nerd glasses, french kitty top, umbrella from charli:), once valleygirl dress skirt, bare feet.

Hope the pixelishness is not driving you ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!  I have decided today may be the day I finally make an effort to make my pictures look better, because not being able to distinguish my nose from the rest of my face is making me want to smash a hole in the computer screen.

Tommorrow I am going on an excursion with my mostly idiotic class into the city. We get to wear casual clothes, I would wear my overalls, but I would probably have to stay at school for wearing "inappropriate attire." Pffft, inappropriate. Hasn't any one else experienced the joy of overalls?

Well wish me luck with my class, who truly believe that throwing medium sized objects into a moving fan is entertaining and socially acceptable. If only they could read this now.

Also here is a photo of something we made in art:
(excuse my brother's head. It pops up from time to time.)


Easiest way to make your photos better? (for once, magic does not count. we need to be serious here people.)

Any of you guys read Bill Cunningham's column?

Most inspirational person? sorry, I don't count.

random question:
what is your dream pet? sorry, I don't count for this either. Actually that is really creepy, ignore that.

LOVE CARLA, boy hater and overall enthusiast.
Also, I am attempting to read Harry Potter for the second time. I'm up to the second book. 
I know a year two who is reading the series for the SECOND time this year.

Wow, I really need to start socialising with people who don't like reading.